“Reduce sensationalism and surface stories that are actually meaningful.”

From architecture to literature, get intelligent recommendations on your interests.


Controls for your algorithm

On the one hand, recommendation algorithms have been used effectively to present relevant articles. But on the other hand, they are prone to creating echo chambers, where only your world view is repeated, and work in opaque ways, mostly out of your hands. That’s why Gem gives you easy settings, to quickly adjust the amount of influence factors—like viewing history, popularity, and type—have on what's recommended.


Nutrition facts for the internet

We’re concerned about the food we put in our bodies, and ought to think the same way about the information we put in our minds. As with the food industry exploiting the allure of sugar, much of today’s digital media exploit amusement and outrage for clicks. That’s why Gem’s ratings use adjectives based on criteria—like importance, veracity, and convincingness—akin to labels for fiber, protein, and vitamins.


Our incentives are aligned with you

Facebook and others are beholden to shareholders to maximize profits. And since their business model is advertising, the more time spent on their site, the more money they make. When time spent is the objective, nuanced writing takes the backseat to spectacle. Gem makes no money from advertising and is not beholden to investors. We’re committed to being a thoughtful alternative, which respects your intelligence and time.